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Dimitri starts 2018 victoriously

Tuesday February 6th, The Curacao Table Tennis Federation started with the first event on her calendar 2018. As it has been a tradition the last 5 years, the DONIC championship opens the year in the category Senior Single Open, valid for the ranking as well. The amount of participants was 22 and could not be […]

Michael Dalnoot MVP despite losing his national title

Michael Dalnoot was proclaimed the MVP as he edged the ranking by one point over Dimitri Leon. As the federation tried to promote the ranking system as much is possible and giving it a true added value the MVP award is given to that player who ends up by the end of the year as […]

The final results of the National Championship 2017

This year there were missing two categories, namely the Youth and Female Double. The results of the 5 categories were as follows: Single Female: Christine Dania vs Mary-Ann Mac Leod 3-2 Double Mix: Ronaldi Vos/Ronelly Vos vs Giancarlo da Costa /Astrid Jansen 3-0 Double Men: Devon Meilink/Henny Metry vs Dimitri Leon/Ronaldi Vos 3-1 Sinle Master […]

Christine Dania won her second national title in a row

Christine Dania and Mary-Ann Mac Leod were this year again the 2 finalist after playing a Round Robbin in a group of 6 female players. The final of this female category was a very interesting one as Mary-Ann Mac Leod went in a best of 5 match with 2 sets ahead. But Christine Dania came […]

Another title for Barberia Cinto in Master Team Competion 2017

After playing a Round Robbin system, starting with 7 teams in August this event ends up with 4 teams fighting to get into the final. The 4 teams were Barberia Cinto, MF Medical, Watch Out and Robby’s Lotteries. Barberia Cinto took care of Robby’s Lotteries easy with the score of 3-0, while MF Medical and […]

Tremendous competition VETS 40+ won by Hans van Noije

Among the players 40 years of age or older the competition was really hot during the event VETS 40+ last Thursday July 6th. The 10 players who participated were split in 2 groups of 5 each. The played the system round robin, whereby the first 2 of each groups will proceed to the next round. […]

Double event FTMK won by the couple Dimitri & Giancarlo

Thursday July 29th, FTMK men double was scheduled and there were 5 teams who did show up. After playing a round robin the two teams finished as first and number two will be automatically the winner and the runner up. There were some good matching and Dimitri Leon and Giancarlo da Costa won the event […]

Christine keeps on winning

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 the FTMK female cup was scheduled. There were 7 inscriptions. The system round robin was applicable and resulted 21 matches in the preliminary round. There were some tight games like Cyrella Rosalia against Ronelly Vos, which was decisive for Cyrella to finish as the first 2 players in the final. Her […]

Christine Dania the winner of Irene Moreno Tournament 2017

Wednesday June 7th Curacao Table Tennis Federation has organized the annual Irene Moreno Tournament. It is a female event individual, whereby family Moreno handed at the end a bouquet of flower to the winner. This year it was Christine Dania who won the final against Ronnelly Vos 3-0.  

President Napi Boekhoudt present at the AGM of ITTF in Düsseldorf

During the period of May 28th – June 6th Curacao Table Tennis Federation was present in Düsseldorf on behalf of his president Napi Boekhoudt. During his stay Napi did attend several meetings among them the ITTF meeting with the presence of over 150 countries. Besides this Annual General Meeting Napi did attend meetings with LATTU […]

Michael Dalnoot working on his winning streak

Last Tuesday May 23rd it was Harry Walters Cup’s turn. Like last years the case the interest was very high among the male players as this is a men individual tournament. It was played based on a knock-out system with 20 players participating. Like all the men individual open events this was also valid for […]

Great accomplishment by the youngster Ronnelly Vos

Last May 10th, the youngster of just 10 years old, Ronnelly Vos won the female single Lulu Salas tournament. After winning of all her mayor opponents in the round robin, it was no big deal for to go with the championship. In the final she puts aside in big fashion the more experienced player Cyrella […]

Dimitri claiming this title

Last Tuesday April 11th, a record amount of 20 players showed up for the annual tournament Oscar Salas. Knowing that this is valuable for the ranking did make this Oscar Salas Tournament a bit more interesting. This amount of 20 was the same amount we had last year in this same tournament, which is a […]

Jacinto the Best in the VETS

Last week March 30th, the VETS 50+ was scheduled on the calendar of events of the federation. It was the first master tournament of this year, where male players above the age of 50 could show the younger ones the experiences they have achieved during all those years the playing table tennis. There were 15 […]

Jeremy, Damian and Nasir the big winners

On Sunday March 19th the federation had her first youth tournament, as far this year concerned. The tournament was based on 3 categories: Mini Cadets, those who are younger than 11 years Cadets, those between 11 and 13 years Juniors, those who are between 14 and 18 years After a well organized event by Zachra […]