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Napi run away with the title after falling in as substitution

Wednesday April 24th, Curacao Table Tennis Federation had its traditional Lulu Salas Tournament. This tournament was for the category B-class. There were 16 participants with both men as women competing for the title. Last time this category was played in February it was Ralph Winedt who won. The tournament started very promising as there were […]


On Tuesday April 16th the traditional Harry Walters Tournament took place with an occupation of 16 A-players. This time Michael Dalnoot and Sigmar Carmelia were the two major absences. There were some tight matches during the classification round. Some to be mentioned: In group 2 three players end up in a triple draw. Jaysron Mathilda […]

Begina again the best among the 50+

This tournament was very interested and 20 players did show up. They played first the qualification games for the quarter final. The 8 players were the best 2 of each of the 4 groups. Last Thursday March 21st, the FTMK organized the table tennis 50+ Tournament sponsored by a former table tennis player from the […]

Ulrich “Pel” Hernandez nominated as official 2018 by FDOK

Last Saturday, February 23rd, the Curacao Sport and Olympic Federation (FDOK) had its annual event, in which they praise athletes, officials and sport administrators to highlight their achievements during 2018. These selected groups are appointed by their associations and nominated by FDOK. Ulrich “Pel” Hernandez has been nominated as official 2018. Ulrich “Pel” Hernandez is […]

Edith Mac Leod praised by FDOK

Last Saturday, February 23rd, the Curacao Sport and Olympic Federation (FDOK) had its annual event, in which they praise the athletes to highlight their achievements during 2018. Also some persons, who have been valuable over the years for their associations were appointed. For example, the Curacao Table Tennis Association has nominated Mrs. Edith Mac Leod […]

Tremendous return of Ralph Winedt in the table tennis arena

After an absence of more than a year, the 17-year-old Ralph Winedt is back and wrote the RAPIDTRONC tournament on his behalf last Wednesday February 20th. This level B tournament had a participation of 19 players. Ralph won from Dik Hendriks, who won this level with the National Championships last year. Ralph won in a […]

Franklin Lopez from Aruba won the STENS’73 Tournament Category Master 50+

Following the commemoration of STENS ’73 and celebration of Robert Hose 70 year birth day that same night Thursday February 14th, the Master 50+ STENS ’73 tournament took place with participation of 24 players, including the brothers Alfred and Win Chow Leong, Franklin Lopez and James Letren, all from Aruba and Freddy Beukenboom from Bonaire. […]

Tremendous tribute to the legendary local table tennis player Robert Hose

Thursday, on Valentine’s Day February 14th, the Curaçao Table Tennis Federation with the STENS 73 players Franklin Mathilda and Raymond Begina commemorated the fact that 45 years ago STIGA changed her name for STENS 73 after they had participated in the World Championship in Yugoslavia. Together with Robert Hose they went as the first Netherlands […]

Dimitri takes an early lead in 2019 by the first tournament DONIC

With a good occupation of 16 players the Curacao Table Tennis Federation started her first tournament of 2019. It was about the Donic tournament, which traditional is the first one the last 6 years. The preliminary round started with some surprises, whereby Devon Meilink was defeated by his team mate Corné Klopper 3-2 and Raymond […]

Christmas gift tournament 2018

The traditionally Christmas gift tournament, which is considered as closure of the season, took place last Sunday, December 16th. Starting from around 10.30, table tennis has been played among 26 players. These players were grouped depending of their ages and levels. The B-class, 18-40 years, 41-50 years, 51-60 years and the age of 61+. Those […]

Dimitri MVP 2018

Having a successful year 2018 by winning 5 of the 6 events organized by the federation, Dimitri Leon finishes ranking with 109 points by far as number one. This is the reason, why he has been declared as the MVP 2018 of the Curacao Table Tennis Federation. Since 2016 that this award has been introduced, […]

Dimitri won his 6th title in a National Championship of Curacao

In the first week of December the National Championship took place whereby in Senior the title of Curacao Champ 2018 was in play. Playing in 4 groups of 4 several good matches took place and the following players passed through to the semi-finals:  Dimitri Leon, Devon Meilink, Henny Metry and the surprising Ravi Rajwani, who […]

National Championship 2018 section Double

In the first week of December the National Championship the Doubles were forming part of the whole and 10 teams were present to see which one is the best duo. The big favorite couple was doubtless Devon Meink / Henny Metry. They are forming together with Michael Dalnoot the almost unbeaten team Hairburst. They reached […]

National Championship 2018 section B-class

In the first week of December the National Championship took place whereby the B-class was introduced. This is a division formed for those who cannot played the highest level. It was a division where both the men as the ladies and some youth players could play for a price. The last 4 were the 12 […]

Hairburst “the team to beat”

This year the team competion was played over several months, starting from mid-August to end up with its finals in this week 6 and 8 of November 2018. In the A-class there were 6 teams: Hairburst, E&D, Freshman 1, Freshman 2, DONIC and Barberia Cinto. In the category Master there were 7 teams: DONIC, Watch […]

Raymond the best among the oldies

Thursday June 7th, the one before last event of the first half of 2018 took place, namely the VETS 40+ for the FTMK Cup. There were 12 participants, whereby more than half were players above the age of 65. Some of the players in the forties, ranked among the best 10 of Curaçao, did not […]

Dimitri won the FTMK Cup with over power

Last on June 19th FTMK had closed the first part of 2019 with his FTMK Cup for men single. Dimitri Leon won his 4th  tournament of 2019 by defeating Sigmar Carmelia 3-0 and he is thus in full command of the ranking. He is leading this ladder system with 108 points, which is 30 points ahead […]