Devon stops Dimitri’s winning streak

Tuesday last week, June 25th, in the FMTK Cup A-class Devon finally brought Dimitri winning streak to an end. With a participation of 16 players the night got started with the first 24 matches to find out who all will result in the last 8 for the quarter finals. There were some tight 5 sets matches among 2 of them Lucien Alberg was involved. Pitifully he did not reach the next round. A big surprise was for sure the victory of Wilfred Daantje on Jacinto Zimmerman and with the absence of Raymond Begina it was easy for Daantje to reach the last 8. Corné Klopper and Henny Metry played some good games but at the end the final was between Dimitri Leon and Devon Meilink. The expectation was high as in the last ABC tournament Devon won of Dimitri but still could not classified after a triple draw in their group. Devon came in the final with only one thing on his mind. Beat him again and stop his winning streak. The final numbers were 11-6, 6-11, 15 -13 and 13-11 in favor of Devon (3-1).