Vidanova and Back Spin, the 2 winners in respectively category A-class and the Master in the team event

This year the team event was played from August until September in 2 categories: A-class and Master. In the A-class 5 teams competed in two round whereby the first 2 went directly to the final. The 5 teams were DONIC, VIDANOVA, THINQTAIGA, EAE and BARBERIA CINTO. The 2 finalists were DONIC and VIDANOVA, whereby both did finish tied with one loss. DONIC team was formed by Sigmar Carmelia, Dimitri Leon and Jaysron Mathilda. VIDANOVA was formed by some toppers in the classification: Devon Meilink, Henny Metry and Ravi Rajwani. Although Dimitri won in the final all his single games, he could not avoid DONIC from losing 3-2. The crucial double was won by VIDANOVA 3-1. Final score VIDANOVA 3 / DONIC 2

On the same date, October 31st the final took place in the category Master. & teams competed in one round, whereby the final tor 4 went into the semi-final. The 7 teams were WATCH OUT, DONIC, BARBERIA CINTO, BACK SPIN, MONTAŇA TTT, MF MEDICAL and TORNADO. In the semi-final number 1 came out against no. 2, while number 2 had to face number 3. So BACK SPIN had to play DONIC and won his game 3-0. In the other leg BARBERIA CINTO had to fight to win of WATCH OUT 3-2. In the final BACK SPIN formed by Hensley Wentwoord and Peter Wong won the title by winning of BARBERIA CINTO formed by Jacinto Zimmerman and Lucien Alberg.