Curacao Table Tennis Federation is the federation which is responsible for all matters with regards to the sport table tennis on Curacao. It was established in 1956 on July 24th, and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The articles of the association went under several changes, whereby the latest ones are dated in 2010, November 9th.


Vision: Make table tennis the most popular sport in Curaçao;

Mission: Promote table tennis all over Curaçao and make it a competitive sport in the Caribbean before 2020;

Project for Youth 2014

This paper describes an annual plan of FTMK for its youth to realize a large part of its vision and mission and indicates the corresponding financial needs. This document may also be seen as a strategic plan to get sponsors who prepared showing the youth in this sport, table tennis, to give a big boost.
Recorded activities planned in 2014:

  • A monthly youth tournament
  • Trainer course designed for youth
  • Exchanges with other islands in the immediate vicinity
  • Visits of training camp
  • Participation in youth championship if feasible based on performance
  • Participation in the Dutch Caribbean Youth Tournament in Curacao
  • Compete for national titles in the different categories

It is the intention to review this plan annually.


The youth (all children younger than 21) has a scheduled training session on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 17.00 – 20.00 at Sala Irene Moreno.

Through the year there are competition scheduled, special training session for selected players and competitions with neighbor island to exchange experience and built up competitive skills. Whenever is feasible we will let them participate in ITTF tournaments.