Dimitri ensured his number 1 position on the ranking by defeating Devon Meilink in the Hairburst Tournament

Last Tuesday October 15th, FTMK had her second last event, which was the Hairburst Tournament. It is an A-class round robin system tournament, which applies to the final classification. 16 players did register and were divided in 4 groups of 4. There were some very interesting matches in the preliminary round. To be mentioned is the one match between Jacinto Zimmerman and Sigmar Carmelia. Jacinto injured in one leg managed to beat Sigmar, which in itself can be seen as a surprise. By this defeat Sigmar was not classified for the quarter final. Jacinto went through together with Dimitri Leon, Henny Metry, Devon Meilink, Hensley Wentwoord, Raymond Begina, Ravi Rajwaqni and Jaysron Mathilda. Hereby the scores of the final rounds:

Quarter Final
Dimitri   Hensley 3-1
Devon   Jaysron 3-0
Henny   Jacinto 3-1
Ravi   Raymond 3-2
Semi Final
Dimitri   Ravi 3-1
Devon   Henny 3-1
Dimitri   Devon 3-1

So after losing his last 3 finals against Devon this year Dimitri came back on time to ensure his first position on the ranking. The most important event on the calendar is left which is National Championship. During this championship the Curacao title is in the game and you can expect well prepared Devon.