Napi retires as chairman of the Curacao Table Tennis Federation

After 7 years, Napi will not be re-eligible for the position of chairman on the board of the Curaçao Table Tennis Association in the upcoming General Members’ Meeting.

Napi took over the chairmanship of Luigi Mathilda in 2013, who served as chairman for barely 1 year. From 2013 to the present, Napi has achieved a lot with his board, although it must be said that for him the big disappointment is, that he did not manage to grow the youth department on a continuous basis with his board. This was mainly due to insufficient manpower in the board to stimulate this department. This section should be constantly monitored as it is not only about the youngsters, but also the involvement of the parents, which is crucial.

What Napi has managed to achieve is summarized as follows.

  • Napi has been named Board Member of the Year 2014 by FDOK after barely 1 year as chairman. Due to his dynamic way of working, table tennis regained puberty and interest among former members, but also among others. The number of participant grew again in all divisions.
  • In 2016, the gallery in our hall Sala Rekreo Irene Moreno was renovated as part of the association’s 60th anniversary. This gallery exhibits a great piece of CTTB history. Here you will find photos and information of all ex-presidents, champions, international officials and honorary members.
  • In the context of the 60th anniversary, Napi has written a book with a lot of history, including interviews with various local and international people, who have meant a lot to the association.
  • Year calendars were ready at the beginning of each year and were completely realised including the National Championships and the Christmas Tournament at the year end. Tournaments started on time and game schedules were pre-arranged with pre-registration application.
  • Napi has built up a very good relationship with the media over the 7 years, being very grateful for the cooperation of a number of newspapers and sports reporters on radio and television. They were sent the results with a photo either on the same day or the day after.
  • Napi has also maintained a good relationship with the international federations, witch our assiocation are associated with, such as an ITTF, LATTU and CTTF. In Latin American Table Tennis Union, Napi was elected member of the Arbritage Commission for 2 years in 1985. Several times Napi has acted as an interpreter for the Caribbean Table Tennis Federation for the English and Spanish speaking members of the Caribbean Federation.
  • Napi has also worked very well with FDOK. He has served as a member of the Cash Commission for the FDOK for the past 4 years.
  • In 2019, Napi ensured that with the financing of the Chinese Consulade, the game room was completely renovated with new floors, modern lighting, new furniture and all other materials belonging herewith.

Now that he is stepping down, Napi has managed to find a successor as chairman in the person of Raymond Begina. Raymond will come up with his board, from members and who knows with new faces, who will assist him for the next 4 years.

Napi, who became chairman of CTTB in 2013, was also appointed as chairman of the Sala Rekreo Irene Moreno Foundation. The Foundation is responsible for the operation of the building complex, which also houses the table tennis room. The complex must be maintained in a sustainable way, because it is vital for table tennis. The association is proud to say that it is the only sports federation with its own playing field, which it certainly wants to keep for a long time. With the current situation and future created by COVID 19, the challenge for the Foundation is even greater to keep its head above water. The Foundation needs rentals, parties and other types of activities to have the income for the operation and maintenance of the complex. Napi at the end will not completely leave Muizenberg, but will remain in the Foundation for the time being.