ABC Table Tennis Weekend in Aruba

During the weekend September 20th – 22nd Aruba Table Tennis Association hosted a Senior and a Master 50+ tournament whereby we travelled with a delegation of 1 Senior and 13 Masters. In total 10 Senior and 24 Masters were grouped respectively in 2 groups of 5 and 4 x4. The tournament started the Friday and ended with the finals on Sundays. The venue was in Sta Cruz in the club of Estrellas.

Curacao did reach in the senior in the semifinals where Dimitri Leon almost reached the final. On a certain moment he was 2-0 ahead against Mario Lobo the number 1 of Aruba, but lost this match inexplicable 3-2. In the Master was Dik Hendriks who reached the quarter finals but could not make the next step.

Finally Mario Lobo won the senior and James Letren the Master.