Raymond Begina the new chairman of Curacao Table Tennis Association

On June 16, 2020, a new board for Curacao Table tennis Association has been installed. Raymond Begina is the new chairman and takes over the chairman’s hammer from Napi Boekhoudt.

The new board will follow up on what the previous board was doing and will bring in extra innovations. The board will pay extra attention to the youth section. Of the 7 members, 3 are in charge of this department, which is evident from the importance it considers to be.

Raymond is a longtime international player and has big plans for table tennis. He brings in a few enthusiastic board members, who offer great prospects for this sport.

The board looks like as follows.

  • Mr. Raymond Begina President
  • Mr. Journeth Mattheeuw Vice chairman
  • Mrs. Sohainy Kwidama Secretary General
  • Mrs. Marie Antoinette Keli Treasurer
  • Mr. Stanley Montroos Commissioner
  • Mr. Joaquin Rodriguez Commissioner
  • Mr. Edaine Cannister Commissioner