Dimitri won the senior in the ABC Tournament

After the ceremonial act, whereby our president showed our appreciation to the Chinese consulate by giving them a plaque, the tournament was called open by the acting Consul General, mr. XUE. With the chines donation the federation was able to renovate its playing hall.

Aruba came with a delegation of 10 players: 3 seniors and 7 masters; Bonaire had just one player a senior, while Curacao was represented by 15 players: 6 seniors and 9 masters.

The seniors were divided in 2 groups of 5. Round robin was applied and the best 2 of each group go straight to the semi-finals. The masters were divided in 4 groups of 4 and playing round robin the best 2 of each group go to the quarter finals.

The semi-finalists in the Seniors were Dimitri Leon and Henny Metry from Curacao and Andy Gomez and Rudy raga from Aruba. Dimitri won from Henny, while Andy won from Rudy. The 2 went further to the final.

In the Masters the last eight to the quarter finals were: Hensley Wentwoord, Raymond Begina, Peter Wong from Curacao and James Letren, Wing Chow Leong, Alfred Leong and Franklin Lopez from Aruba.

Hensley won from Lucien, Peter won of Raymond, Alfred from James and Franklin from Wing Chow. In de semi-final Franklin went to the final by defeating Hensley, while the other finalist was Alfred who won from Peter.

The winner in the senior with the first prize in cash of US$ 500 became Dimitri, who won from Andy 4-2. So Dimitri became the best among the seniors during this tournament. In the other category it became an Aruba affair as Franklin had to play Alfred. Franklin had showed the last year that he is the best in Master (50+) between these ABC islands.