Posted by Napi Boekhoudt

Mario Lobo the Winner of Compunel & Sons Tournament

During the weekend 28/29 of May the company Compunel & Sons has sponsored a tournament in cooperation with the federation, in which cash prices were in the game. The winner will get Fl. 250,-, while the first runner up will receive Fl. 150,= and the two second runner-ups Fl. 50,= each. Besides these there were […]

Michael outclassed Devon in Harry Walters Tournament

Last Tuesday May 17th, Michael Daalnoot won the Harry Walters Tournament. The final matches among the last eight players were very interesting, whereby the first 4 on the ranking were all in action. All 4 went through to the semi finals with the following results: Devon Meilink vs Dimitri Leon 3-1 (11-3, 10-12, 11-7, 11-8) […]

Pel nominated as umpire in Spain Open Youth Championship

During May 3rd to May 9th our local umpire Ulrich “ Pel” Hernandez was nominated as one of the 15 umpires from abroad among a total of the 46 umpires for the 39th Open Youth Championship in Girona, Spain. The games were played in the Palacio de Deportes y Congresos, with 221 participants from 28 […]

Loretta Frans surprised in Lulu Salas Tournement

Tuesday April 20th, the federation had scheduled the first lady event for this year, which is locally the well known Lulu Salas Tournament. There were 9 inscriptions for this Lady Single Match Up. The 2 groups formed, were headed by the 2 finalists during the National Championship 2015, namely Mary-Ann Mac Cleod and Cyrella Rosalia. […]

In the VETS 50+ Begina the best

Thursday March 30th, we had the VETS 50+, which is a Master Tournament for players of 50 and older. 14 players showed up and there were favorites among a lot of players. One of them was Lucien Alberg, who was surprised by Napi Boekhoudt and could not reach the quarter. By the other hand Erwin […]

Parts for You went to Dimitri

Last week Tuesday March 28th, we had the final games of the Parts for You Tournament, which in fact started the week before. Starting the Tuesday March the 21st, a record of 20 players started this battle, whereby not all of the big guns were presented. It is also noticeable that they still have to […]

Certificated as ITTF-PTT Coaching Level 1

Recently the Curacao Table Tennis Federation received the good news that 5 of her members have been certificated by the International Table Tennis Federation as ITTF-PTT Coaching Level 1. These members have worked out an intense 30 hours course with an exam at the end, whereby all the requirements were completed. Besides that they had […]

Devon Meilink titled the DONIC

Last Tuesday February 23rd The Federation Table Tennis Curacao started with her first event of the year, which was the DONIC Tournament. It a traditional tournament, which has been the initiator of the federation’s year calendar over the last 3 years. DONIC Tournament is men event single, valuable for the ranking. There were 14 inscriptions, […]

FTMK Christmas bolt 2015

Last Sunday, December 20th, our federation had her last event, which was the closure of the year. It was the traditional Christmas bolt, which includes competing for prizes, having fun with eating and drinking. During this event the president Napi Boekhoudt on behalf of the board took a retrospect of 2015. He started first with […]

Henny Metry, proclaimed as the Player of the Year 2015

The Curacao Table Tennis Federation (FTMK) has proclaimed Henny Metry as her Player of the Year 2015. His nomination was based on and determined by the ranking system of the FTMK. He was the most consistent in collecting ranking points during 2015. As you may know the 2015 event calendar of FTMK has an amount […]

Devon Meilink won the Curaçao title 2015

Friday, November 22nd 2015 was the Final Day of our National Championship. Starting with the program at 18.00, whereby the Curaçao hymn was presented the categories U11, U15 and U17 started with their finals. Yazir Anthony, Jean Claude Hoek and Riordan Ilario won their matches in the respective categories with no problem. After the trophies […]


During the week November 15th up to November 19th, we had our preliminary games to determine who all will be out from the 9 different categories the finalist for the big FINAL DAY on Friday 20th, 2015 This National Championship is in honor of Luthson Isenia, former local champion. Luti like his calling name is […]

Results finals in team event 2015

Table Tennis Federation had the two team finals last week, whereby on Thursday November 29th Barberia Cinto had become the champion in the category Masters beating the former champion Orkan with the score of 3-1. Peter Wong was brilliant during this match winning his 2 games and the double with Jacinto to close down the deal. […]


During the weekend 8-10 of October 2015 Aruba has hosted the 2nd edition of the DCT, after it was initiated by Curaçao last year during the celebration of the 30th anniversary of our foundation Sala Rekreo Irene Moreno. Curaçao was present with a delegation consisting of 9 youth players and 4 seniors. Others countries present […]

MCB Tournament in Bonaire

During the weekend (September 25-27) Bonaire Table Tennis Federation has hosted the International MCB Tournament with participation of around 15 players from Aruba, Curaçao and Holland. Curaçao alone came over with 10 players: 3 women, 2 seniors and 5 masters. A total of around 30 participants played in 4 categories: senior single, master single, women […]

Franklin Mathilda honored with a tremendous tournament

Franklin Mathilda is celebrating the fact that 45 years ago he entered the international world of table tennis. It was a training camp in Holland that he and Robert Hose went to. Since then Franklin was for 45 years long internationally involved as players, trainer, coach, especially as table tennis leader of Curacao and during […]

Yazir and Riordan the best in their division

Past June 28th, we had our second youth event of 2015 whereby a total of 13 players participated. They were classified in 2 divisions:. Division A ( 11 yr or younger): Yazir Anthony, Damian Mattheeuw and Ronelly Vos; Division B (12 – 17 yr) This division was split in 2 groups of 5 players Group […]