Curaçao participating in the DCYT in Suriname

With a delegation of 12 persons, 9 kids and 3 coaches, accompanied by another 8 parents, Curaçao participated this year in the Dutch Caribbean Youth Tournament in Suriname.

This event started on the Friday October 7th after a very late arrival the same day in the morning of our delegation.

Curaçao participated in U11 with 5 players, 2 in the U15 and 2 in U18.

The presentation was good, taken in consideration the circumstances they had to start in.

Aruba, Bonaire, Suriname and Curaçao were the 4 participated countries.

In the team event Curaçao won both silver in the U11 as U15.

In the open class Curaçao did not win any prizes, but did have a good performance compared with the last DCYT in Aruba.

Next year is the turn of Bonaire to host this tournament and hopefully Curaçao will have a much better outcome.