Sigmar Carmelia won the Parts for You trophy in big fashion.

The tournament was dedicated to Pacheco Ursula, who has meant a lot for the federation and a lot of players for many many years. Pacheco had coached a lot of good players and they all still remember him as their great mentor.

The tournament had a big participance of almost 20 players. They were placed in 4 different groups, based on their current ranking in a kind of way as the ranking is still very premature. It turned out in the quarter final as it was predicted, but the first surprise came up in the match between Peter Wong and Jaysron Mathilda. In a very exciting battle Peter Wong finally won 3-2.

In the semi final Sigmar Carmelia played his best game up to now this year and in a very impressive way took revenge on Dimitri Leon. As you can remember it was Dimitri who did eliminate Sigmar in the semi final of the Donic tournament. But this time it was a completely different ballgame. In 3 straight sets he put Dimitri aside with the scores 11-8 / 11-6 / 11-6.

In the final game Sigmar met the allways very difficult player to play against, namely Henny Metry. Henny start very aggressive and took a 2-0 lead. But Sigmar with the help of his coach Eldred van den Hout came back and tied the game at 2. In the decisive final set they both did not give each other any good lead and the game came to a spectacular conclusion 9-9, whereby finally Sigmar won the game 11-9. The scores were 9-11 / 9-11 / 11-9 / 11-7 / 11-9. Sigmar – Henny 3-2

With this result it makes the ranking very interesting as you have already 3 players heading with the first thing in their mind to be proclaimed at the end of the year as the best player.