National Championship 2018 section B-class

In the first week of December the National Championship took place whereby the B-class was introduced. This is a division formed for those who cannot played the highest level. It was a division where both the men as the ladies and some youth players could play for a price. The last 4 were the 12 year old player Yazir Anthony, the surprisingly Fawzi Ayubi, the only lady left and Dik Hendriks. Yazir almost won of Dik losing 3-2 while in the other leg Fawzy lost a good opportunity to reach the final in his first appearance in one of our events. After going ahead 2-0 fatigue began to affect him so that Mary-Ann could fight her way back and won finally 3-2. Dik won in the final 3-1 with the partials: 7-11,11-5, 11-9 and 11-7.