National Championship 2018 section Double

In the first week of December the National Championship the Doubles were forming part of the whole and 10 teams were present to see which one is the best duo. The big favorite couple was doubtless Devon Meink / Henny Metry. They are forming together with Michael Dalnoot the almost unbeaten team Hairburst. They reached in their group of 5 the first plays but not before not before they had to suffer a surprising defeat against Napi Boekhoudt forming couple with Corné Klopper. With this win Napi / Corné forced a triple tie in this group. After checking the set-result it was Jacinto Zimmerman /Lucien Alberg who went further as number 2 with a better set-balance. In the other group Jaysron Mathilda / Ravi Rajwani  ended as number 1 while Hensley Wentwoord / Peter Wong ended as number 2. Devon / Henny won easely of  Hensley / Peter 3-0, while Jaysron / Ravi had to use all 5 sets to win of Jacinto / Lucien. In the final the big favorite Devon / Henny won easily 3-0 of Jaysron /Ravi with the partials 11-5, 11-5 and 11-5.