Loretta Frans surprised in Lulu Salas Tournement

Tuesday April 20th, the federation had scheduled the first lady event for this year, which is locally the well known Lulu Salas Tournament. There were 9 inscriptions for this Lady Single Match Up. The 2 groups formed, were headed by the 2 finalists during the National Championship 2015, namely Mary-Ann Mac Cleod and Cyrella Rosalia. These 2 players did not encounter any problem to reach the semi final in an undefeated way. However Mary-Ann Mac Cleod found in Loretta Frans a hard bone to crack as Loretta played during this particular night her best games of past years and was obviously well prepared mentally as she possesses normally good techniques but struggle often with her self confidence. In the other match of the semi final Cyrella won easy of the young talent Ronnelly Vos 3-0 and reached the final undefeated as she won already of Loretta in their group. But it went different this time as Loretta had the momentum after has destroyed the national champion 2015 in the semi final. In a very interesting and tensioned final match Loretta won of Cyrella 3-2 coming from behind of a 2-0 set score in a best of 5.