Cyrella Rosalia outclassed her opponents

March 18th, 2015 is was the opportunity for the females in training by Mr. Franklin Mac Cleod to test their progress during this Ladies Night Competition. With a participation of 6 females in the category of Masters the competition started at 8.00 pm, wherby Cyrellla Rosalia was clearly the stongest player, winning of all her 5 opponents without even losing a single set. As second finished Daniëla Genaro losing only to Cyrella, but got a lot of resistance from Geraldine Hernandez who fought her match up to the last 5 sets.

The other participants were Zachra Rademacker and Jenny Cornelia who all made progress the last months, thanks to their trainer.

Congrates to all of them for have participated in this event. At the end Sigmar Carmelia, member of our Board, was in charge with the distribution of the prices.