Yazir and Riordan the best in their division

Past June 28th, we had our second youth event of 2015 whereby a total of 13 players participated.

They were classified in 2 divisions:.

  • Division A ( 11 yr or younger): Yazir Anthony, Damian Mattheeuw and Ronelly Vos;
  • Division B (12 – 17 yr)

This division was split in 2 groups of 5 players

  • Group 1: Riordan Ilario, Christian- Lee Marten, Joel Pauletta, Ezichiel Bisschop and David Palm;
  • Group 2: Nasir Ignacio, Ralph Winedt, Clervin Nicolina, Jorge Naranjo Silva and Ellery Bisschop;

Yazir won his division undefeated while Riordan had to fight to pass through the next round, winning by set winning advantage of Christian- Lee and Joel. Then Riordan had no problem in the semi final winning of Ralph. In the other leg Nasir won his group undefeated, followed by a tight win of Christian-Lee. In the final match it was Riordan who won for the second straight time this year the tournament in this class. Riordan-Nasir 3-1

Final results

Division A:

  1. Yazir Anthony       (9 yr)
  2. Damian Mattheeuw       (9 yr)
  3. Ronelly Vos       (9 yr)

Division B:

  1. Riordan Ilario       (17 yr)
  2. Nasir Ignacio       (13 yr)
  3. Christian-Lee Marten (15 yr)