Results of the Invitational Master Tournament in October 2014

With respect to the 30 year’s celebration of Sala Irene Moreno, FTMK has organized e Invitational Master Tournament with participation of players from abroad as well. There were players from Holland, Mexico, Aruba en Bonaire. Together with our local players a total of around the 50 participants did play both in categories of 40+, 50+, 60+ and 70+ as in an open system. This last one was the most interesting part. After a lot of matches in the preliminary rounds it ends up with in the semi final the last 4, who were the Arubians Ronnie Reyes and Frank Lopez, the Dutchman Ron van Spanje and our local player Eldred van den Hout. Eldred had first the difficult task to beat Jaap van Spanje in the quarter final. Eldred won that game 3-1. Both Jaap as Ron van Spanje are former champions of Holland.

In the semi final Eldred van den Hout came out against Ronnie Reyes and bet him easy 4-0, while in the other semi final match Ron van Spanje came out against Frank Lopez. Ron won his game 4-1.

In the big final was a lot of expectation what Eldred was able to do as he did not play table tennis for quite a while. His comeback in the table tennis arena was surprisingly, as nobody saw him practicing before.

But must be said that he did all what he could do against Ron van Spanje, but could not make it and lost 4-1 with the scores of 11-7. 11-6. 9-11, 11-7 and 14-12.