Michael Dalnoot working on his winning streak

Last Tuesday May 23rd it was Harry Walters Cup’s turn. Like last years the case the interest was very high among the male players as this is a men individual tournament. It was played based on a knock-out system with 20 players participating. Like all the men individual open events this was also valid for the ranking. The event started in time and had a very smooth development. There were some high ranked players, who did participate, as Henny Metry, Hensley Wentwoord and Raymond Begina. But the rest all passed for the quarter final. After Jaysron Mathilda was knocked out in the quarter, the semi finalists became the following 4 players: Sigmar Carmelia, Michael Dalnoot, Dimitri Leon and Devon Meilink. Michael seems to get stronger and stronger as this year goes on. He won of Sigmar, who played very acceptable, however Michael was too much and won this game 3-1. In the other semi final leg Devon surprisingly passed over Dimitri 3-0. In the final Michael continued with his winning streak and defeated Devon easily 4-0 and took with him the prestigious Harry Walters Cup.