Christmas gift tournament 2018

The traditionally Christmas gift tournament, which is considered as closure of the season, took place last Sunday, December 16th. Starting from around 10.30, table tennis has been played among 26 players. These players were grouped depending of their ages and levels. The B-class, 18-40 years, 41-50 years, 51-60 years and the age of 61+. Those who were not in the B-class were grouped in the other 4, depending their age. The games were 1-set matches and a handicap system was applied. Depending in which group you were classified, you start whether with an advantage in score or behind in the score. The 18-40 years group players were considered the strongest, followed by the 41-50, 51-60, 60+ and the B-class as the weakest. A one point difference between the groups, which means a B-class starts with 4 points ahead of a 18-40 year group. This tournament finally has been won by Sigmar Carmelia who won of Jacinto Zimmerman. All 26 players have been ranked after from 1 to 26. In this sequence everybody choose a gift from the collection presented to them. It was a very social day with enough snacks and drinks for everybody, including those who were present but did not play. Napi Boekhoudt as president of the federation at the end took a look back on all what has taken place during 2018 and concluded that the years went in a kind of way to the federation’s satisfaction. There are some aspects for improvement like both the sections youth as the women need more attention of the federation.