Another title for Barberia Cinto in Master Team Competion 2017

After playing a Round Robbin system, starting with 7 teams in August this event ends up with 4 teams fighting to get into the final. The 4 teams were Barberia Cinto, MF Medical, Watch Out and Robby’s Lotteries. Barberia Cinto took care of Robby’s Lotteries easy with the score of 3-0, while MF Medical and Watch Out got into a heavy tight clinch and it was finally MF Medical who came out through the big door by defeating Watch Out 3-2.

In the final it was Barberia Cinto again with Jacinto Zimmerman, Hensley Wentwoord and Lucien Alberg, forming part of this team, who outclassed MF Medical, prolonging their title with another one year